About this web-site

What is Waterbeach Parish Council?

Waterbeach Parish Council is a web newspaper edited by Michael Williamson.

How Do I Read ?

When you start reading you are shown the six most recent articles. Each article has a headline followed by the text. If the article is long then just the first paragraph is displayed followed by the hyperlink "More..." and you click that to see the rest of the article.

You can read older articles by clicking the hyperlink "[Older articles]" at the top of bottom of the page, and go back to newer articles by clicking on the "[Newer articles]" hyperlink.

How Does Work?

Waterbeach Parish Council uses some software called opus.cx>Opus which was written by www.the-hug.co.uk>The Hug using a language called www.php.net>PHP. The data is stored in a database called MySQL.

Articles can be written by many authors, which they can do from the web. The authors don't have to understand HTML.

Articles can be embargoed, so they don't appear in the paper until the date/time specified, and expired, so they disappear after the date/time specified.

Articles can be marked to go in the paper's diary, in which case a date and optionally, start and end times, are specified and it will also appear in a diary section.

Opus is "open source", which means you are free to use it for your own projects without a fee. You can find out more about Opus, including the conditions for use, by reading the online manual.