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April Parish Council meeting - new date

The regular monthly meeting of the Council due on April 2nd has been POSTPONED until Tuesday, April 9th. The Agenda will be issued in due course.  (26/03/24)


New email addresses for Councillors

The Council has registered a new domain name. In the near future this will enable us to replace the current website with a brand new one more suitable to the 2020's.  read more ...  (29/02/24)


Waterbeach Greenway

What are we consulting on? We want your views on proposals for the Waterbeach Greenway. The Waterbeach Greenway is one of 12 proposed Greater Cambridge Greenways, which aim to make local walking and cycling journeys easier between Cambridge and surrounding villages. The feedback received from our previous consultation has informed the route alignment and shaped the proposals being presented in our accompanying brochure. We have provided this survey for you to give your views on our design proposals. Read here for more information.  (24/10/23)


Notice of Uncontested Election

Notice of Uncontested Election

Election of a Parish Councillor for Waterbeach As the Returning Officer at the above by-election, I hereby report that the person whose name appears below was duly elected Parish Councillor for Waterbeach without a contest.

Name of Candidate: Seamarks, Nigel John Home Address: 48 Providence Way, Waterbeach Cambridge CB25 9QJ

Liz Watts Returning Officer  (05/10/23)


Statement from the Chair to Waterbeach Parish Council

Mr. Pinion, the senior groundsman of Waterbeach Parish Council and an officer of the Parish Council has been made unwell by the constant and nasty harassment he has been subjected to by a number of persons.

Mr. Pinion is a loyal employee of Waterbeach Parish Council who strives to use his considerable skills and knowledge to the benefit of our community. The history of harassment is totally unacceptable and must not continue.

Mr. Pinions absence negatively impacts on the service we, the Parish Council, should be providing to our community. Those involved in pursuing this bullying campaign are acting against the interest of the community.

Clive Rabbett Chair to Waterbeach Parish Council  (05/10/23)


Notice of Election

Notice  (21/09/23)


Waterbeach Parish Council Vacancies

Waterbeach Parish Council currently has three vacancies for the role of parish councillor to be filled by co-option. For more information please contact the parish office. Please see our notice for further information.  (17/06/23)


Looking for your nearest Pharmacy ?

Search for your nearest pharmacy including; Lloyds Pharmacy, Boots Pharmacy, Well Pharmacy, Tesco Pharmacy, Rowlands Pharmacy and Asda Pharmacy and independent local pharmacists.  read more ...  (06/04/23)


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