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This page provides access to a number of Parish Council documents. Hopefully the interface is fairly intuitive.

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Documents/Standing Orders and other formal documents

1601_Child and Vulnerable Adult Safeguarding Policy 2015_adopted.pdf17/07/23Adobe Acrobat Document
160405_Terms of Reference - FinanceCommittee-annotated correction.pdf17/07/23Adobe Acrobat Document
160405_Terms of Reference - Planning Committee.pdf17/07/23Adobe Acrobat Document
Co-Options Policy adopted 5May2020.pdf17/07/23Adobe Acrobat Document
Code of Conduct - Addopted.pdf17/07/23Adobe Acrobat Document
DignityatWorkPolicy-adopted 20150502-updatedSept2019.pdf17/07/23Adobe Acrobat Document
Document Retention Policy - adopted July 2019 -WPC.pdf17/07/23Adobe Acrobat Document
Good Councillors guide 2016.pdf17/07/23Adobe Acrobat Document
Health-and-Safety-Policy_ADOPTEDJune2015.pdf17/07/23Adobe Acrobat Document
Investment strategy 2019-2020 adopted 20190507.pdf17/07/23Adobe Acrobat Document
Member-Officer protocol ADOPTED August2018.pdf17/07/23Adobe Acrobat Document
Protocol on Informal Briefings with developers.pdf17/07/23Adobe Acrobat Document
TOR - HR Committee - Final Approval.pdf25/04/24Adobe Acrobat Document
TOR EmploymentPanel.pdf17/07/23Adobe Acrobat Document
ToR - Highways.pdf17/07/23Adobe Acrobat Document
ToR - Recreation Users Advisory Group.pdf17/07/23Adobe Acrobat Document
Use of Parish Council land - adopted 2 March 2021.pdf17/07/23Adobe Acrobat Document
WPC Standing Orders adopted 4 May 2021.pdf17/07/23Adobe Acrobat Document
WPC Standing Orders for adoption on 7th November 2023.pdf25/04/24Adobe Acrobat Document
WPC-Land-Bldgs-Assets at 31 March 2020.pdf17/07/23Adobe Acrobat Document
WaterbeachFinancialRegs_AdoptedDecember2019.pdf17/07/23Adobe Acrobat Document