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This page provides access to a number of Parish Council documents. Hopefully the interface is fairly intuitive.


Bank Reconciliation Jan 2021.PDF25/02/21Microsoft Excel Worksheet
Clerk report.pdf02/03/21Adobe Acrobat Document
County Councillor Report - 2021-03 updated.pdf02/03/21Adobe Acrobat Document
DC report to parish councils - March 2021.pdf25/02/21Adobe Acrobat Document
S106 Balances.pdf25/02/21Adobe Acrobat Document
S106 RECONCILIATION WORK UPDATE FEBRUARY 2021.pdf25/02/21Adobe Acrobat Document
bowls pavilion note.pdf25/02/21Adobe Acrobat Document
clothes bank.pdf25/02/21Adobe Acrobat Document
draft policy -use of Parish Council land.pdf25/02/21Adobe Acrobat Document