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This page provides access to a number of Parish Council documents. Hopefully the interface is fairly intuitive.


2 Coronation Close - SCDC email.pdf01/10/20Adobe Acrobat Document
AGAR section 2.pdf01/10/20Adobe Acrobat Document
August2020_BankRec.pdf01/10/20Adobe Acrobat Document
Bowls Pavilion Report September 2020 commercial details redacted.pdf01/10/20Adobe Acrobat Document
Bowls club - grant request.pdf01/10/20Adobe Acrobat Document
Bowls pavilion-PlanningApproval_23Sept2020.pdf01/10/20Adobe Acrobat Document
Clerk report October.pdf05/10/20Adobe Acrobat Document
Coronation Close sqm plan.JPG01/10/20Microsoft Excel Worksheet
County and District Councillor Report - 2020-10.pdf01/10/20Adobe Acrobat Document
Etesia Report.pdf01/10/20Adobe Acrobat Document
Govt Planning White Paper - briefing note.pdf01/10/20Adobe Acrobat Document
NECAAP Letter from Parishes - DRAFT.pdf01/10/20Adobe Acrobat Document
S106 kitchen refurb.docx01/10/20Microsoft Word Document
S106 kitchen refurb.pdf01/10/20Adobe Acrobat Document
S106 situation report.pdf05/10/20Adobe Acrobat Document
WATERBEACH 2020 IA CHECKLIST.pdf01/10/20Adobe Acrobat Document
cycle parking.pdf01/10/20Adobe Acrobat Document
hurst-Park-Estate-Residents-Assoc_necaap-presentation-to-hpera-sept-2020.pdf01/10/20Adobe Acrobat Document