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This page provides access to a number of Parish Council documents. Hopefully the interface is fairly intuitive.


Bannold Road traffic.pdf26/08/20Adobe Acrobat Document
Car park invoice 2.pdf26/08/20Adobe Acrobat Document
Clerk report September.pdf28/08/20Adobe Acrobat Document
County Councillor Report - 2020-09.pdf28/08/20Adobe Acrobat Document
Fair - Risk Assessment - Covid 19 Operators and Funfairs v4 (1).pdf26/08/20Adobe Acrobat Document
Fair - training certificate Claire Dean - Prevent COVID-19 2.pdf26/08/20Adobe Acrobat Document
Fair staying-covid-19-secure-2020-230720 NOT SIGNED.pdf26/08/20Adobe Acrobat Document
car park Payment certificate for invoice 2.pdf26/08/20Adobe Acrobat Document
sports-pavilion-covid-19-risk-assessment.pdf26/08/20Adobe Acrobat Document