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This page provides access to a number of Parish Council documents. Hopefully the interface is fairly intuitive.


19-205_Adopted budget - corrected for 4Feb Council to note.pdf30/01/20Adobe Acrobat Document
19-206_Waterbeach Car Park Tender Report- tenderer IDs redacted.pdf30/01/20Adobe Acrobat Document
19-208a_RLW-Planning Committee comments.pdf30/01/20Adobe Acrobat Document
19-208f Waterbeach Forum Wednesday 26 February 2020.msg30/01/20Microsoft Excel Worksheet
19-209_RE Notice of Intention to install a raised table on Way Lane Waterbeach.msg30/01/20Microsoft Excel Worksheet
19-210 Street lights.pdf30/01/20Adobe Acrobat Document
19-210-quotation from BB Q2774.pdf30/01/20Adobe Acrobat Document
19-211A_County Cllr report 2020-02.pdf30/01/20Adobe Acrobat Document
19-211b_ District Cllr report to PCs 2020-02.pdf30/01/20Adobe Acrobat Document
19-213 Three free trees.pdf30/01/20Adobe Acrobat Document
19-215B_Grant Application Bowl Sheet 1.pdf30/01/20Adobe Acrobat Document
19-215B_Grant Items Bowls Sheet 1.pdf30/01/20Adobe Acrobat Document
19-215B_Grrant Items Bowls Sheet 2.pdf30/01/20Adobe Acrobat Document
19-215b_Grant Application Bowls Sheet 2.pdf30/01/20Adobe Acrobat Document
19-216_library S106 request.pdf30/01/20Adobe Acrobat Document
Clerk report February.pdf04/02/20Adobe Acrobat Document