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This page provides access to a number of Parish Council documents. Hopefully the interface is fairly intuitive.


17-180 setting the precept.pdf21/10/19Adobe Acrobat Document
17-181a cemetery - land transfer document.pdf21/10/19Adobe Acrobat Document
17-181b Plan - Land Adjacent to the Cemetery.pdf21/10/19Adobe Acrobat Document
17-185aWAY grant application form.pdf21/10/19Adobe Acrobat Document
17-185b WAYaccounts2016to2017.pdf21/10/19Adobe Acrobat Document
17-187 S106 ideas list.pdf21/10/19Adobe Acrobat Document
17-188 Banking arrangements.pdf21/10/19Adobe Acrobat Document
17-189aMVAS siting.pdf21/10/19Adobe Acrobat Document
17-189bMVAS-email 13Dec-CountyCllrBradnam.msg21/10/19Microsoft Excel Worksheet
17-190 Cleaner Communities Pilot Scheme.msg21/10/19Microsoft Excel Worksheet
17-191 Public Art-DennyEndRoad.pdf21/10/19Adobe Acrobat Document
17-192 rural community survey.pdf21/10/19Adobe Acrobat Document
17-193aCountyCllr-report.pdf21/10/19Adobe Acrobat Document
17-194 Project schedule 2018.pdf21/10/19Adobe Acrobat Document
Clerk report January.pdf21/10/19Adobe Acrobat Document
District Councillors report January 2018.pdf21/10/19Adobe Acrobat Document