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Documents/Neighbourhood Plan

150429_Notes from Neighbourhood Development Plan Disucssion Evening.pdf17/07/23Adobe Acrobat Document
1504_NDP_discussion poster.pdf17/07/23Adobe Acrobat Document
1507_ParishCouncilNDP leaflet.pdf17/07/23Adobe Acrobat Document
180410NP-Action-Log-Min.pdf17/07/23Adobe Acrobat Document
20180911 NP Agenda.pdf17/07/23Adobe Acrobat Document
20180911 NP Steering group Notes.pdf17/07/23Adobe Acrobat Document
2018_04_24 NP Steering group Minutes.pdf17/07/23Adobe Acrobat Document
2018_08_14 NP Steering group minutes.pdf17/07/23Adobe Acrobat Document
Minutes - 09th October 2018.pdf17/07/23Adobe Acrobat Document
NP - 5 Dec 2020 Statement of consultation.pdf17/07/23Adobe Acrobat Document
NP - 5 Dec 2020 regulation 16 Basic Conditions Statement.pdf17/07/23Adobe Acrobat Document
NP - 5 Dec 2020 regulation 16 consultation.pdf17/07/23Adobe Acrobat Document
NP Demographic-Socio-economic-Review.pdf17/07/23Adobe Acrobat Document
NP Heritage-and-Character-Assessment FINAL 1807.pdf17/07/23Adobe Acrobat Document
NP Waterbeach Design Principles FINAL.pdf17/07/23Adobe Acrobat Document
NP Waterbeach HCA FINAL 180713.pdf17/07/23Adobe Acrobat Document
NP Waterbeach-Housing Needs Analysis 2019-09.pdf17/07/23Adobe Acrobat Document
NP and village highways meeting notes 180828.pdf17/07/23Adobe Acrobat Document
Neighbourhood Development Plan 2020 - 2031.pdf17/07/23Adobe Acrobat Document
Neighbourhood Plan - introduction.pdf17/07/23Adobe Acrobat Document
Vision handout.pdf17/07/23Adobe Acrobat Document
Waterbeach NP Poster - consultation - 08022021.pdf17/07/23Adobe Acrobat Document
Waterbeach Neighbourhood plan FINAL.pdf17/07/23Adobe Acrobat Document