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This page provides access to a number of Parish Council documents. Hopefully the interface is fairly intuitive.

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Documents/Local PLan

140725_Guidance Notes v1.pdf17/07/23Adobe Acrobat Document
140725_Initial PHM letter SCDC.pdf17/07/23Adobe Acrobat Document
141204_Letter re prog 4.12.2014.pdf17/07/23Adobe Acrobat Document
150521_Inspectors preliminary conclusion - briefing note May 2015.pdf17/07/23Adobe Acrobat Document
150521_Letter from Inspectors to Councils - Preliminary Conclusions 200515.pdf17/07/23Adobe Acrobat Document
150521_Local Plan letter from inspector news release.pdf17/07/23Adobe Acrobat Document
150630_Letter to Inspectors re joint trajectory+GTANA 30 June 2015.pdf17/07/23Adobe Acrobat Document
150630_News release - Local Plan joint letter back to inspector.pdf17/07/23Adobe Acrobat Document
150630_Response to Inspectors 30 June 2015.pdf17/07/23Adobe Acrobat Document
150730_Inspectors Response to Councils 28.07.15.pdf17/07/23Adobe Acrobat Document
150901_Councils' Response to Inspectors - 1 September 2015.pdf17/07/23Adobe Acrobat Document
150901_Letter from Inspectors re CIL Examinations 18.08.15.pdf17/07/23Adobe Acrobat Document
150918_10.9.15 Insp response to Councils letter of 1 September 2015.pdf17/07/23Adobe Acrobat Document
150928_SCDCUpdate Letter to Inspectors 280915.pdf17/07/23Adobe Acrobat Document
160301_Letter to Inspectors regarding south of CBC 310316 RD-GEN-280.pdf17/07/23Adobe Acrobat Document
160301_Letter to Inspectors regarding student accommodation 310316 RD-GEN-270.pdf17/07/23Adobe Acrobat Document
160331_Letter to Inspectors regarding proposed modifications 310316 RD-GEN-260.pdf17/07/23Adobe Acrobat Document
ResponseFurtherLocalPlanMods_Feb2018.pdf17/07/23Adobe Acrobat Document
ResponsetoLocalPlanModifications_Jan2016.pdf17/07/23Adobe Acrobat Document
SPD - WPC presentation at community forum.pptx17/07/23Microsoft Excel Worksheet
Waterbeach Parish Council presentation to forum FINAL.pptx17/07/23Microsoft Excel Worksheet