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This page provides access to a number of Parish Council documents. Hopefully the interface is fairly intuitive.

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Documents/Financial Information

160405_Terms of Reference - FinanceCommittee.pdf17/07/23Adobe Acrobat Document
Accounts 2011-201217/07/23Folder
Accounts 2012-201317/07/23Folder
Accounts 2013-201417/07/23Folder
Accounts 2014-201517/07/23Folder
Accounts 2015-201617/07/23Folder
Accounts 2016-201717/07/23Folder
Accounts 2017-201817/07/23Folder
Accounts 2018-201917/07/23Folder
Accounts 2019-202017/07/23Folder
Accounts 2020-202117/07/23Folder
Accounts 2021-202217/07/23Folder
Accounts 2022-202330/05/24Folder
Adopted budget and precept figure 2018-9.pdf17/07/23Adobe Acrobat Document
Adopted budget and precept figure 2020-2021.pdf17/07/23Adobe Acrobat Document
Adopted budget incl precept figure FY 2021-2022.pdf17/07/23Adobe Acrobat Document
AdoptedBudget-and-Precept-figure_2019-2020.pdf17/07/23Adobe Acrobat Document
Annual Return 2007-2008.pdf17/07/23Adobe Acrobat Document
Annual Return Summary.pdf17/07/23Adobe Acrobat Document
Budget2010-11.pdf17/07/23Adobe Acrobat Document
WPC land and building asset list as at end Sept 2020.pdf17/07/23Adobe Acrobat Document
WPC-S106-expenditure_as-at-23Sep202017/07/23Microsoft Excel Worksheet