Waterbeach Parish Council

About Waterbeach

Waterbeach is a village with a population of just over 5,166 in 2011 lying about 4 miles north of Cambridge. To see a map of Waterbeach, click here.

Parish Councillors

Waterbeach has fifteen Parish Councillors.

All Parish Councillors have email addresses in the form of .

Michael Williamson Tel: 860899 Chairman Register of interests
Barbara Bull Tel: 861774 Vice-chairman Register of interests

The Chairman and vice-Chairman are ex-officio members of all Parish Council committees. Other members with their telephone numbers (area code 01223 unless otherwise stated) and committee membership(s) are listed below:

Name Telephone Committees
Myra Gaunt   Register of interests
Ivan Gilzean
Alice Grant     Register of interests
Kate Grant     Register of interests
Martin Howlett     Register of interests
Brenda Johnson 560918   Register of interests
Peter Johnson 560918   Register of interests
Jacqui Rabbett 860993   Register of interests
Alan Shipp    Register of interests
David Smart 861482   Register of interests
Brian Williams     Register of interests
Jane Williamson 440751   Register of interests
Adrian Wright 861846   Register of interests

Note that some entries in the register of interests have not yet been updated on the website of South Cambridgeshire District Council. Omission of an entry against the name of a Councillor or an out-of-date entry does not necessarily mean that no declaration has been submitted by that Councillor.

Clerk to the Parish Council: Liz Jones (Contact details)

The Parish Council generally meets on the first Tuesday of every month. To see our future programme of meetings and other events, click here.

Other tiers of Local Government

Waterbeach lies in the district of South Cambridgeshire within Cambridgeshire County.

The County Councillor is Maurice Leeke (email: ), who also represents Landbeach and Milton.

The District Councillors are James Hockney (email: ) and Peter Johnson (email: ) who also represent Landbeach.