Planning Committee

Waterbeach Parish Council is consulted on all Planning Applications in the Parish. We are also notified of those in Landbeach parish that are close to the boundary of Waterbeach.

Most Planning Applications are considered by the Planning Committee whose minutes can be viewed by clicking the relevant link below. Some applications are also considered by the full Council.

You can also see details of planning applications on the web-site of South Cambridgeshire District Council.

All minutes on this web-site are unapproved - to see the final, approved version, please contact us.


November 20th, 2018link  link
October 16th, 2018linklink link
September 18th, 2018linklink link
August 21st, 2018linklink  
July 17th, 2018linklink link
June 19th, 2018linklink  
May 15th, 2018linklink  
April 17th, 2018linklink  
March 28th, 2018linklink link
February 20th, 2018linklink  
January 16th, 2018linklink  


December 19th, 2017linklink  
November 21st, 2017linklink link
October 17th, 2017linklink  
September 19th, 2017linklink  
August 15th, 2017linklink  
July 18th, 2017linklink  
June 20th, 2017linklink  
June 20th, 2017linklink  
May 16th, 2017linklink  
April 25th, 2017linklink  
March 21st, 2017linklink  
February 21st, 2017linklink  
January 17th, 2017linklink  


December 20th, 2016linklink  
November 15th, 2016linklink  
October 18th, 2016linklink  
September 20th, 2016linklink  
August 16th, 2016linklink  
July 19th, 2016linklink  
June 21st, 2016linklink  
June 14th, 2016linklink  
May 17th, 2016linklink  
April 19th, 2016linklink  
March 15th, 2016linklink  
February 16th, 2016linklink  
January 19th, 2016linklink link


December 15th, 2015linklink  
November 17th, 2015linklink link
October 20th, 2015linklink  
September 15th, 2015linklink link
August 18th, 2015linklink  
July 21st, 2015linklink  
June 16th, 2015linklink link
May 19th, 2015linklink link
April 21st, 2015linklink  
March 17th, 2015linklink  
February 17th, 2015linklink  
January 20th, 2015linklink  


December 9th, 2014linklink  
November 18th, 2014linklink  
October 21st, 2014linklink link
September 16th, 2014linklink  
August 19th, 2014linklink  
July 15th, 2014linklink link
June 17th, 2014linklink  
May 20th, 2014linklink  
April 15th, 2014linklink  
March 18th, 2014linklink  
February 18th, 2014linklink  
January 21st, 2014linklink  


December 10th, 2013linklink  
November 19th, 2013linklink  
October 15th, 2013linklink  
September 17th, 2013link   
August 20th, 2013link   
July 16th, 2013 link  
May 14th, 2013link   
April 16th, 2013 link  


November 20th, 2012 link  
August 21st, 2012linklink  
July 17th, 2012 link  
June 19th, 2012 link  


November 12th, 2006    

Older minutes can be found here