Transparency code

The government have published a new Transparency Code for Smaller Authorities[1].This is to cover, among others, Parish Councils whose turnover is less than £25,000. Of course, the turnover of Waterbeach Parish Council is rather more than that so the code does not directly apply to us. However, we believe that it is a good basis from which to work. We list below the items in the code (paragraph 10) and provide links to the information where it is currently available on our website.

  1. all items of expenditure above £100 (all payments of over £100 can be found in the reports submitted to all Council meetings)
  2. end of year accounts[2]
  3. annual governance statement (note that all information about the audit can be found here[3]).
  4. internal audit report (see above).
  5. list of councillor or member responsibilities[4]
  6. the details of public land and building assets[5].
  7. Minutes, agendas and meeting papers of formal meetings[6]