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This page provides access to a number of Parish Council documents. Hopefully the interface is fairly intuitive.

Documents/Urban and Civic Planning Application

181018-amended documents from APAS-21days to comment.docx21/10/19Microsoft Word Document
LegalObligsNote -responses to initial queries.pdf21/10/19Adobe Acrobat Document
May2018-UandC-guide_to_changes.pdf21/10/19Adobe Acrobat Document
Oct 2018 - amendment summary U-and-C.pdf21/10/19Adobe Acrobat Document
S-0559-17-OL_WPC-response170517.pdf21/10/19Adobe Acrobat Document
S-0791-18-FL_WPC-response-180709.pdf21/10/19Adobe Acrobat Document
SCDC Planning Committee 20190513_U and C report.pdf21/10/19Adobe Acrobat Document
S_0559-17-OL Permission GRANTED Sept 2019.pdf21/10/19Adobe Acrobat Document
U&C planning application -residents brochure.pdf21/10/19Adobe Acrobat Document
WPC-consultation-feedback.pdf21/10/19Adobe Acrobat Document
revised S106draft agreement - September 2019.pdf21/10/19Adobe Acrobat Document