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Planning Committee meeting - 15 August

The Planning Committee meets on 15 August at 7.30pm in the Old Pavilion. The agenda for the meeting can be accessed here  (11/08/17)


Stagecoach bus services

Stagecoach are reporting changes to Service 9/X9 which will affect journeys to/from the village from Monday 24 July onwards. Most services between Ely and Cambridge will now also serve Waterbeach.

The off-peak hourly service into Cambridge will now be at 35 mins past the hour (Capper Road) or 38 mins (Village Green) with the last bus into Cambridge at 6.35pm. The off peak hourly service out of Cambridge will run at 30 mins past the hour up to 3.30pm.

Peak time trips into Cambridge in the morning, and out of Cambridge in the late afternoon onwards will continue to be with the Citi 2 service.

You can access the new timetable here  (17/07/17)


Planning Committee meeting - 18 July 2017

The agenda for the Planning Committee meeting on Tuesday 18 July is here. The meeting commences at 7.30pm in the Old Pavilion.  (13/07/17)


Finance Committee

The Finance Committee is meeting on Wednesday 12 July at 7.30pm in the Parish Office, Old Pavilion, Recreation Ground. The agenda and papers can be accessed here  (07/07/17)


Street Names - we need your suggestions!

South Cambridgeshire District Council (SCDC) provides street naming and numbering services and for maintains an accurate and up-to-date address list for the district. They are looking to establish a list of pre-approved street names which it can draw upon for future developments that may be agreed in Waterbeach and have asked the Parish Council to propose a selection of names that they can consider in line with their policy guidelines.

What names would you like to see the Parish Council suggest? Please email suggestions to the Clerk at by 25 July.



Waterbeach Greenway to Cambridge

The Cambridge Greenways project is aiming to establish a high quality network of routes into Cambridge from some of the surrounding towns and villages, approximately five to ten miles away. They will primarily be commuter cycle paths, but with additional benefits for pedestrians, horse riders, leisure activities and recreation.

Officers from the City Deal Cycling Team are holding two public consultation events in the village on 12 July and 19 July. There is more information on these events, and on the Greenway project itself, on the City Deal website  (03/07/17)


Parish Council meeting 4 July 2017

The Parish Council meets at 7.30pm on Tuesday 4 July. The agenda and papers can be found at this link.  (03/07/17)


Recreation Ground paths

On Thursday 29 June we are having work done to remove deadwood from two trees overhanging paths on the Recreation Ground. A section of path around each tree will be off limits temporarily while the work is taking place. Please also ensure dogs are kept on leads.  (28/06/17)


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